Peanut Butter Milkshake: A Blichellie One-Shot 

Blichellie Prompt: Nellie gets her tonsils removed and is at home healing and whatnot. Everyone is sending her cards and flowers and calling her and stuff, but she’s still feeling kind of lonely. Blake and Michael pay her a visit, and because pretty much the only thing she can eat right now is ice cream-like structures, they bring her a something (get this: a PEANUT BUTTER MILKSHAKE). And she’s all, “Aww… Why?” And the boys look at her and announce, “Because everyone loves milkshakes!” Please?

Nellie lay in the guest bedroom of Tyler and Abraham’s house, watching TV. She sighed, her throat really hurt, she was getting bored of her ice cream choices and there was nothing on TV.

There was a small knock on her door and she shut off the TV “Come in!”

"Nellie?" Tyler opened her door slightly "Hey, some people are here to see you" He smiled and then the door opened a little more and Nellie grinned when she saw Blake and Michael walk in.

"Hey" Nellie said with a smile and moved into the middle of her bed so Blake and Michael could both sit beside her. They walked into the room and Blake’s hands were behind his back. "What are you doing here?"

"We knew you’d probably be really bored, so we decided to come and visit and bring you something that will hopefully make you feel better." Blake explained.

"What’d you bring me?" Nellie asked excitedly

Michael gave Blake a look and he grinned as he pulled a large cup with a straw in it out from behind his back.”It’s a peanut butter milkshake!” Michael exclaimed and Blake handed it to Nellie with another smile and she raised her eyebrow.

"Why peanut butter?"

"Because me and Michael are the peanut butter brothers" Blake explained and he and Michael sat down on opposite sides of the bed. Nellie placed her lips on the straw and then sucked in. She swallowed, loving how the liquid soothed her throat instantly

"Mmm, this is really good. It was really sweet of you" Nellie smiled "Why’d you do this?"

Blake and Michael exchanged a glance and then exclaimed in unison “Because everybody loves milkshakes!!!” Nellie couldn’t help the loud laugh that erupted from her.

Thank God for the Glee Project or else she wouldn’t have met these wonderfully amazing boys

It was short, but I liked it. Maybe it was because I loved the prompt. Thank you for the prompt whoever you are :) Hopefully this makes up for the last one :P

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